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How To Create Training Manuals or Documents using SAP Enable Now(INSTANCE PRODUCER)

How To Create Training Manuals or Documents using SAP EnableNow(INSTANCEPRODUCER)
1. Installation of SAP Enable Now: 

Install SAP Enable Now by using the following Software in the Desktops/Laptops by Administrators.

2. How to Connect to the Instance Producer:
  • Once we login with User Credentials then the following Screen will appear.
  • Click on the Connect Instance Producer as Shown in the following image.
  • Once we Click on Connect Instance Producer then the following Screen appears to download the file as Shown, then Click on highlighted to Download the File.
  • Once the file is Downloaded open the file, the following Screen will appears, then enter the required Password and click on OK.
3.How to Prepare Training Manuals using Instance Producer:Once we Login in with the required Credentials, then the Instance Producer will Open as follows Tool, with the following Options as
            •        Record New Project
            •              Open Project Explorer
            •              Quick Guide

4.How to Create and Record a New Project Task:

a.If we Want to Record New Project Click on New Project, then the following Screen will appears, enter the required Project Name as highlighted and click on Continue. 
b. Select the required Window and Profile, as Shown and Click on Continue.
c. Once We Select the required Window, then the following screen will appear to Record the Content with adjusted Screen, Click on Record

d. Then we can able to Record the region as Shown.
            •         Pause Button to Pause the Certain time recordings
            •          Stop Button to Stop Once Completion of the recordings.
            •          Undo Button.
e.Select and Click the required area and Click on the required part to record as Shown.

f.Once the recording is Completed Click on Stop Button, then the following Screen appears as Finished Recording with the following Options.
            1To Save the Recorded Project Click on the Save Project.
2. To Play the Recorded Project in Video Click on the Play Project.
3To Edit the Recorded Project Click on the Edit Project.
4To Delete the Recorded Click on the Delete Project.

g.The recorded Project will appear as Shown with the following Options
  •        Explorer to view the Recorded Project to maintain Manuals
  •    Save the Recorded Project.
  •   Undo to review the Previous Object.
  •  Playback to View the recorded Project in the video Format.
  •  Generate Documentation to create the document with recordings.
  •  Generate Video to generate the recorded project as in video format.

h.Once we Click on the Explorer, the following Screen will appear as shown, we can modify the Description, Keywords, Description and Attachments and click on OK.
i.Once we are done with Recordings of Particular Topic, then Save to Server as shown

5.How to Create and Record a New Project Task using OPEN PROJECT EXPLORER:

Note: Before Start Recordings Using OPEN PROJECT EXPLORER need to Check Out all Projects.

a.Click on Open the Project Explorer as shown,
b.Once we Open the Project Explorer,the following screen will be appeared, as shown
c.Select the required Project need to record and Double Click on the Assigned Task and Click on Start Recording.
d.Once we Click on Start Recordings, then follow the Steps from 4.b to 4.i.

6.How to record/Prepare Training Manuals Using BW

If we need to record the Tasks using BW - Reports, Repeat the Same Steps from 10 to 11, need to Enable the following Option in the SAP Logon as Shown

a. Select the highlighted Option
b.Select the Options.

c.Select the Accessibility and Scripting click on the Drill Down Button, Select the Scripting and enable the Enable Scripting and Click on OK.
  • Attached is an link  for Example of  Generated  Document using SAP - Enable Now.


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